Magazines, Brochures

Since the inception of Pagemaker – the precursor to InDesign – I’ve been creating and designing using desktop publishing software. In fact, I cut my teeth on Ventura Publisher (NOT Microsoft’s “Publisher”). And before Photoshop was even a twinkle, I was designing in Corel Draw.

I have created numerous publications for my companies and have been responsible for the custom publication 100% in-house as well as managing content and design. I continue to use InDesign and Photoshop, but I love Canva for ease of use, cost, stock photography, fonts, and design ideas.

Here are some of my favorite  magazines:  

InSight Magazine – A magazine focusing on diagnostic imaging and radiology procedures to identify illnesses and diseases and the course of treatment for patients; distributed in homes by mail as well as placed in key locations throughout Wake and surrounding communities; also available online for download. For this project, I retained Media Partners Inc and Oak City Communications to provide the layout and articles while I was in charge of the design concept, content, editing, flow, distribution, and overall project from cover to cover.

InSight Magazine first issue

Bimonthly Real Estate Magazine – A joint project between Hutchens Law Firm and Coldwell Banker Advantage. Click on the image to open the magazine in Issuu. Due to the scope of this project, we used a designer for the articles and the property listing pages, but many of the ads in these publications were designed in-house by me.

The Front Porch of the Cape Fear  The Front Porch of the Cape Fear  The Front Porch of the Cape Fear | June 2016

The Front Porch of the Cape Fear

Harnett Health Magazine – a health magazine for the system’s two hospitals and seven physician practices. This project was created fully in-house by me and my marketing team. Here are just two of our favorite issues:

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The Great Dane: A Beginner’s Manual – an educational manual I wrote and designed when I bred champion Great Danes. This manual was available for sale to breeders for their puppy kits.


Other Hospital Magazines – Central Carolina Hospital’s quarterly magazine and Dosher Memorial Hospital’s 75th Anniversary magazine. The CCH quarterly magazine was a group project with a design company where I supplied the creative elements, instructions, and written content.


Dosher Hospital’s magazine was created 100% in-house from research to camera-ready files sent to the printer.




Brochures & Printed Pieces

Below pieces were all designed in-house on InDesign

Postcards, Direct Mail, Rack Cards

Part of a multi-media campaign “Think Pink” for breast cancer awareness
A postcard for InQuicker, an Emergency “pre-check-in” service, for Central Carolina Hospital
Postcard direct mail piece for ER Express, a service to hold your place in line for minor emergencies; this service was for Harnett Health, which is different than the one above it (InQuicker) for Central Carolina Hospital, the competing hospital.

Critical Communication Tools

With the Medicaid Expansion on the line (it did not get passed), Harnett Health System would face serious financial turmoil, and we had to share with the community and stakeholders the need to have Medicare Expansion approved by the Governor.
Dosher Hospital is one of a few hospitals that is supported by a tax that was voted on by the community. The tax was due to expire, and the hospital had to communicate why the tax should be continued. The community voted to continue taxing themselves to keep Dosher financially sound.

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