Just Me

This page is a little bit about me when I’m not working in marketing.

“Creating” is what I love doing, whether it’s a building a garden, doing home improvement projects, creating some fun recipes, I just love learning, exploring, and crafting things around the house. I love sharing ideas as well, and when I was active on Facebook, many of my friends would ask me details about my projects. Since deleting my personal account (I have one only for professional purposes), I decided my personal website could be more than my online business portfolio. It could be a great place to share some personal info about my favorite things.

One thing to note: I include links where appropriate, and while some may come across as a plug or a commercial, I am not compensated in any way for these links. Since I want to keep track of key resources, it will help me catalog them as well.

This area is always a work in progress because I’m busy creating other things! Hope you enjoy!

Building My Gardens

See some of my creations outside throughout the years – everything from structures I’ve built, trees & plants I’ve included, and concrete globes I’ve created for visual appeal (these orbs hold the ashes of my dogs who’ve crossed Rainbow Bridge as I didn’t see the use in keeping urns on a shelf).

My House Projects

I purchased my dream home when the market crashed back in 2007. It was ideal for me – a great project house that was in great shape to live in but one that needed character. This is an area where I show some of the bigger projects.

Cooking Easy, Good Food

Learn some tips or try some great recipes using above link to visit my Cooking Easy, Good Food pages. Some of the recipes are my own, and some are from chefs or foodie friends who’ve created perfection and need sharing (proper credit is given in those cases).