Cooking Easy, Good Food

Cooking gives me the ability to express my creative side while providing my family, friends, and coworkers with delicious offerings throughout the year. I love to watch cooking shows and it’s always fascinated me to learn about foreign cultures and cuisines – everything from the exotics to the very basics to sustain life.

Since I live in a small town and work full-time in another city, my commute means I have less time during the week to focus on meals. When I get home, I want to cook real food that tastes like it came out of a restaurant but one that is easy and doesn’t take a long time. That way, I have enough time for my workout before bedtime.

I’m not going to preach about what we put in foods nowadays, nor am I going to recommend a specific diet. I believe if you get back to natural foods the way God intended them to be eaten, you will be satisfied, and your body will eventually crave less. For me, I want to eat good food that’s easy to make. That doesn’t mean I won’t indulge now and again, so don’t hold it against me if you fall in love with one of my yummy sinful recipes… you may just have to work out a little harder!

I use real ingredients – olive oil, butter, cream – along with trendy foods such as almond milk or cashew milk, which are always on hand. While eating some of the higher fat and calorie options, just keep in mind that your output (aka exercise) should be higher than your daily input (aka what you put in your mouth!). If you need to balance that out, get a rowing machine! It burns 10x the calories in a workout – no joke!

So, welcome to my food page which will showcase some of my easy recipes that you’ll see often in my kitchen, a collection of cooking tips, reviews on items I love, and recipes I’ve found online – appropriately credited – with my notes on cooking them. There will also be plenty of links since people often ask me where I got this or that, and a few – well quite a few – “sidebars” (don’t get whiplash when I suddenly change topics). I hope you enjoy!