Best View in the House


Having lived in my home for over a decade, I was used to the sunrise on the waterfront side of the home. Where else would you put a solarium? The problem was the windows were old, wooden, and rotting. The trapezoid windows leaked because the exterior casing shrunk which let rain pour down the wall inside. While it didn’t happen many times since it had to be vertical rain, it was a big enough headache for me to save up to invest in decent windows. The old windows also made the solarium a bit warm, and when the ceiling fan was turned on, you could feel a blanket of hot air fall down. It was time to get these bad boys replaced.

The upper trapezoids leaked, the casement window seals leaked in between panes, and I hated crank them open. Plus, the center frame wasted 18 inches of view! These had to go.

I may sound like a broken record if you have visited my other home improvement page, but I use Pella 350 windows because they have triple panes – yes, three layers of glass, and they are extremely energy efficiency. If noise was a problem in my quiet neighborhood, that would be another great featur. I also like the neat green tint that coats and protects the interior. In fact, when I was ready to replace these old rotting wooden windows, I decided to just change out the other old windows in the house to Pella 350. Nope, not a commercial – I’m just a big fan!

For now, I’ll take a brief break. The weather is beautiful, and my blueberry bushes need a cage!

… I’ll be back!