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I’ve produced quite a few local commercials in my years; however, with the upgrades in digital formats, better resolution in smaller files, and YouTube copyrights, not all are available to include here.

Here are a handful of videos to show what can be done on a shoestring budget (<$1k for singles and <$19k for a series).


Video | Central Harnett Hospital now open


These older videos can be found on Vimeo:

15 Second Nurse & Medical Recruitment TV commercial

Budgets are always a factor with television in both production and air-time, so I created a trio of 12-second shorts for the opening of our new hospital. Focused on State-of-the-Art medical care, private rooms, and compassionate care, these three TV commercials were designed to open and close the commercial breaks while also having the ability to be a stand-alone spot for maximum impact with the ad spend.

State-of-the-art Technology
Private Rooms
Premiere Medical Staff

One of my favorite commercials was produced in-house for under $600 with stock video and royalty-free music. I wanted something to air on television but break the chatter of typical commercial script. There is no script in this one – just music – to help capture the audiences’ attention on why no one was talking on their TV. It was well-received by the community who thought they’d recognized some of the people in the shots. This is an oldy but goodie!

Dosher Hospital Physical Therapy commercial

Some more commercials from back in the early 2000s where we had limited technology at our fingertips, so budgets dictated what we could produce.

This one is a bit fuzzy since it’s pretty old, but the challenge here was to work with another healthcare system without the community panicking that there was a takeover.

A trio of short commercials to reveal the newly renovated hospital including a front entrance and operating room:

Consider Dosher”
It’s About You
“Quality Care from Head To Toe”

Custom Songs

Music is part of every culture. It’s part of our soul. When I worked at Central Carolina Hospital, I had two original songs created for two patient populations: breast cancer and maternity.  

The strategy used was purely branding and a hands-off thank you for choosing us to go through this. To show a genuine heart, we wanted to give something heartfelt to these patients – a song written about their journey with no “marketing” or even name recognition within the song.  Branding was presented through radio intros and outros as well as the CD packaging. 

CUSTOM SONGS  – Jingles, Songs…

Fight Like A Girl - Custom Song     Welcome to Life