Cacao Butter Bombs

Pistachio, Dried Cherry, Dried Tangerine, and Coconut Cacao Butter Bombs

I was on a quest to find something to zap my sweet tooth that was in the healthier side of life. I’ve read dozens of bloggers’ recipes and tips, but so many things seemed like too much of a good thing. I’d been hearing about Bulletproof coffee and started exploring cacao butter. Shortly after, I found some recipes using cacao butter in healthier versions of desserts; you know the ones – they use chopped dates and other natural sweeteners instead of refined sugar. My problem was solved.

There’s no real recipe to the bombs. Simply put in what sounds good to you, and remember the combination. If you are looking for a lower calorie option, keep in mind that cacao butter has 130 calories per tablespoon. On the plus side, these are a craving conqueror in just one bite.

I purchased a three-mold set on Amazon. Using a 15-hole silicone mold, you can get 1-1/2″ domes that hold a tablespoon of yummy goodness. With the 24-hold mold, you get one-inch domes that hold a teaspoon of sweetness. Since cacao butter is not sweet, you add the desired level of sweetness, but be careful that you consider the natural sugars in things you add.

The cacao butter is the base of the entire bomb. It’s what binds it together. You may want to add something with texture such as chopped nuts, nut butter, tahini, sesame seeds, chia seeds, or shredded coconut. I typically add the nut butters when the cacao butter has melted so it warms up enough to blend evenly. The nut butters will change the texture quite a bit, and there will be times when you omit it altogether. In the pictures, the shiny ones have no nut butter in them; the nut butter gives them more of a matte finish.

Then you’ll want to give it some more flavors with dried fruits such as dates, cherries, oranges (Big Lots has some wonderful dried tangerine segments!), cranberries, strawberries, or blueberries. You can add spices such as cinnamon, cardamon, or turmeric, or you can use extracts such as almond, vanilla (extract, powder, or paste), peppermint, or any other of your faves. For the uber-health-conscious, you can add your MCT oil, Golden Milk mixture, or mushroom powders, too. I’ve tried these with cocoa powder, but I felt it overtakes the other flavors. If you need to have some chocolate (I prefer cacao nibs), add some white or dark morsels sparingly. Basically, add whatever is in your palette of fun flavors.

There are basically two ways to make these: the pretty bombs or the blended bombs.

The PRETTY BOMBS are made by mixing the bulky, dry ingredients, placing them in the molds, and then pouring the melted cacao butter. These typically don’t have any nut butters (blended method is better for nut butter based bombs). If you want to add sweetener, you can add a liquid sweetener such as maple or date syrup (you only need about a teaspoon!), but if you’ll find that these have enough natural sweetness and flavor that you’ll eventually omit additional sugars. This method brings the natural cacao butter flavor front and center and will require more cacao butter based on the size of your mold.

The BLENDED BOMBS are made in a Ninja-style chopper where the dry ingredients are mixed together into crunchy bits and then melted and slightly cooled cacao butter are mixed in before spooning into the molds. This method gives you a uniform base flavor with accents of other select morsels, and because all ingredients are mixed before putting in the mold, it requires less cacao butter.

Either way you choose, you have deliciousness. It just depends on what method you like best.


·        Cashew or almond butter (about 1/4 cup)

·        A chunk of cacao butter (melted, maybe 1/8 cup)

·        Chopped hazelnuts

·        Himalayan salt – just a few grinds

·        Maple Syrup – a splash

·        Unsweetened coconut, a handful

·        Chopped cherries, maybe a Tablespoon or two

·        Tablespoon of dark and white chocolate morsels (optional)

Melt the cacao butter on low heat with the nut butter(s). Once melted, add the maple syrup and stir quickly. This step is what makes the bombs darker than the ones up top. Set aside.

In a small blender like the 16-oz Ninja chopper bowl, add hazelnuts (chopped or whole), salt, unsweetened coconut, cherries, and any other dry ingredients. Don’t put in the chocolate morsels yet as they may melt. Pour in cacao butter mixture and whir until blended. Check to see if you need to adjust your flavors and then add in any extracts, wet ingredients, or morsels. If you add the morsels in earlier on, the warm cacao butter can melt them. That’s not a bad thing if you want to make these more chocolaty throughout, but I like to find pieces of chocolate here and there for depth of flavor.

Once you are happy with the flavors, put in the silicone domes and freeze for 30 minutes. I keep mine in a freezer-proof container until I am ready to eat them. Thaw about 5 minutes for best flavor. The blended bombs are harder on your teeth than the pretty bombs since the blended ones are dense and packed with ingredients that may freeze solid.

These are so scrumptious, you can eat a whole bunch, but you will find your cravings will go away with only one or two domes.