I love my house!

I’ve always wanted to build my own custom home, and I still think about it someday – perhaps when I’m ready to downsize, but that’s a long way off.

When I found my current home online back in 2007, I knew right off the bat that this was my home and that someone else just happened to be living in it at the time. It would be a great project home where I could live in it while designing it. And that would take at least a decade.

While it’s a comfortable house as-is, it was lacking in personality and logic when I purchased it. Every single fixture in the house was a different type of metal – bronze, bright gold, oil-rubbed bronze, chrome – and the door handles were all unlocking closet handles. Additionally, the vertical wood siding attracted a colony of carpenter bees.

The plan of the home didn’t make sense, but I saw well beyond what it was and what it could be. Besides installing vinyl and shake siding to protect what was left of the wood and adding a few decks, there were some big projects that made a tremendous difference in the facelift.

See my front entrance garden transformation

See my kitchen renovation

See my master bedroom makeover

See my solarium waterfront view